QUBE Dispute 2021

Published: 1 Oct 2021

This week MUA members who work at QUBE in Fremantle are entering their 10th week of strike action. They have not worked since July 30th and are doing it tough.
This is not a dispute about money but rather a campaign for better conditions of employment, that would deliver a safer work environment, address ongoing fatigue issues and improve the work-life balance of these workers. This video explains this critical dispute for waterfront workers.
All and any donations to these striking workers are appreciated.
United We Stand!

Donation Details:
Account Name:    Fremantle Special Purpose
BSB:                    882-000
Account No:         25133
Reference:           "Name/Vessel or Contact Number"

Please contact the WA Branch on (08) 9335 0500 to get your receipt if you have not received it.


Messages of Solidarity:
6 October 2021 - Message from Dennis Daggett - ILA Executive Vice President
2 October 2021 - Message from Willie Adams - ILWU President
29 September 2021 - Message from Zenkoku-Kowan (National Federation of Dockworkers Unions of Japan)


MUA Qube Members National Updates:
- 19th August 2021 - Volume 1


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