MUA condemns nuclear proliferation in the Illawarra

Published: 7 Mar 2022





07 MARCH 2022


In the wake of government speculation that Port Kembla may be chosen as the site of a new nuclear submarine base on the east coast of Australia, the Maritime Union of Australia’s Southern NSW Branch reiterates its total opposition to nuclear proliferation.


The MUA has always stood for peace, internationalism and justice, and so condemns in any shape or form the proliferation of nuclear capability in any country, especially our own. This includes the development or proliferation of nuclear-powered defence vessels.


The MUA Southern NSW Branch denounces Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton’s record of failure and hypocrisy. The Liberals and Nationals’ Government has resorted to war mongering and sabre rattling as a distraction from their failures, under the guise of protecting people in this country.


The manipulation of community anxiety about global war at a time when the people of Ukraine are under attack is cynical, dishonest, and hypocritical since Scott Morrison and the Liberals have so far ignored the MUA’s calls for a national embargo against Russian ships and cargoes around Australia’s coastline.


If the government were serious about protecting the people of Australia, there are many other pressing and immediate needs which require government expenditure and action before nuclear militarisation.


This government has so far failed to act on climate change, disaster relief, protection for women from workplace abuse, and the plight of elderly people living in aged care, to name just a few. None of these issues – some at crisis point – will be resolved by the Prime Minister’s Weapons of Mass Distraction.


Port Kembla is transitioning to a very progressive phase of its working life and will continue to evolve into a critical sea transport hub as big and bold plans for renewable power generation and environmental improvements in the steelmaking process take shape over the coming years. This should not be pushed off course by a desperate government, making desperate statements, in the lead up to a federal election they are desperate to win at all costs.


The MUA Southern NSW Branch calls on all unions and the community across the Illawarra to condemn this attempted distraction from the Prime Minister. Our community, and Australians as a whole, have always opposed nuclear power and nuclear military equipment and so we must stand together to oppose this dangerous precedent.


No Nukes Now. No Nukes Ever.




MEDIA CONTACT: Mick Cross – 0435 121 076


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney