Level One Delegates

Published: 30 Apr 2014

The MUA's two-day course provides delegates with essential information about performing their role in the workplace.

It is open to newer delegates in their first 6-12 months of involvement, or as a refresher for delegates who have not attended union training for some time. It is also open to active members who would like to get more involved. 

What does the course cover? 

  • building a strong and effective union at work
  • role and rights and of MUA delegates
  • the structure and democracy of the union
  • our history and culture
  • solving problems in the workplace
  • essential legal and technical information, including key aspects of the Fair Work Act
  • communication skills
  • awareness of how to deal with bullying and awareness issues
  • introduction to the ITF: MUA members in a global context

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Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney